Pedal, Pedal, Splash, Splash

The reality of what I have undertaken is beginning to sink in.  Training for a 120 mile bike ride and a one mile open swim concurrently means packing in a lot of training.  Today’s training went well though so I’m feeling good and feel like I have put in some decent effort after yesterday’s, bedroom floor only exercises.

First was a 60 minute easy continuous as Session 14 of my cycle training.  The first thing that surprised me was as soon as I set level 8 on the Stex it felt too easy – so I upped it to 10 and aimed for 70 rpm, by the end of the session and without really noticing it I had crept up to 80 rpm.

Next was session 8 of my swim training programme 4x80m crawl with the 2nd and 4th as float with some splash then 6x100m with 3 and 5 using pull boy then 4×1 breast stroke.

I still find in the main set I’m taking a longer rest between the first two blocks but by the end I’m resting for the 20secs.

I’ve just looked back at my posts from last year.  At this point I hadn’t started my swimming etc.  I actually signed up for the 2010 Great East on 15th January.  This time last year I could not swim crawl, could not do breast stroke with my face in the water and cycled about 15 minutes a day – the picture above was the one I used to announce on the 15th that I was dipping a toe in the water.  Who would have thought what I would be up to now.


The Stats

Cycling on Stex 13.9 miles = 1 hour

Swimming 0.62 miles = 40 minutes


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  1. it is amazing what a year can bring isn’t it! Your heart and lungs will be thanking you for this for a long long time. 🙂

  2. Life is not about discovering our talents; it is about pushing our talents to the limit and discovering our genius. ~ Robert Braul

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