Johnny Depp Stopped Me – Honest!

Bad weather prevented the cycle commute today and a trip to the cinema to see The Tourist prevented the gym.  The best I could manage was to create a mini gym in the spare bedroom. I put the iPhone tuneinradio app on to Kiss, to create the genuine gym experience and tried to do all the abs routines I could without any of the equipment or space. To be fair, yet again  Janathon meant I did something where I would otherwise have declared a ‘rest day’.

As for the film I give it 3 stars.  Two stars for the train ride to Italy (if you are a regular reader you’ll understand why) and one for Johnny Depp – because he makes me smile.  A good wet day movie, not great, not challenging, yes predictable; but some days that’s all you need.

The picture above is the interior of Riverside Cinema Woodbridge.  If you live in East Suffolk – don’t bother with the big multiplex in Ipswich, wait until the film goes to Riverside either eat in the Riverside or across the road at The Anchor, a low-key pub with good food and a chirpy atmosphere.  The cinema is small with plush seats (sponsored)  and rarely crowded plus you wont pay £20.00 for a bag of pick and mix.

I couldn’t decide on the cinema or the lights in the pub for Suffolk 365 today – went for the cinema, in the spirit of celebrating Suffolk.



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