Life is just a bowl of…. The winner is and Janthon update

I know I have always taken on too many things at a time. Currently I am finishing the #12DCP, involved in 365 Suffolk and #Janathon.  You may have come here from any of those sources.  This post is a wrap up for one of them though….


The winner is:

The 12 Days of Christmas received a total of 106 comments.  I avoided being murdered, just.  I didn’t do any legs questions but the Lords on the roof  or the cats at the Olympics could have caused a major international incident.  In the end all those who took part in the roulette questions survived – I kept resuscitating them because they really were trying hard.

In the finish the winner is……

Which means that Margaret is the winner – I’ll be in touch via a twitter DM to let her know officially..

Huge thank you to all #12DCP participants

The picture above is my feeble effort for today’s 365 Suffolk picture.  It has rained so much that today I didn’t even attempt the bike, or a dog walk – poor #okdoggy all she got was a shimmy round the garden.  Because I haven’t been out and about in good light I photographed the fruit bowl on the iPhone and played with the camera bag app.  It is amazing how black and white images make you more aware of shapes, highlights and gaps which when you go back to the colour originals are there, just didn’t notice them before.  To help tune into the fruit bowl I have made a collaborative playlist in Spotify – please add your fruit bowl or life affirming tracks here.  The track Life is just a bowl of cherries goes way back to my childhood where it was played in Butlins as a call (for supper, to wake up???) in the days of Round Table holiday/conferences.

As for the Janathon update.  No cycle commuting today, so I nipped to the gym between work and WI (antique glass). Managed my 45 minute training ride, using the Trixter.  I prefer the Trixter to the other bikes in the gym as it is more like a real bike.  The downside is I have no idea of the true ‘distance’ but it was an easy 45 minute on the plan so I estimate 6 miles.  Tomorrow I am supposed to do a 60 minute ride so I hope the forecast is good.  Otherwise I’ll swim tomorrow and bike Friday instead.


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  1. Well done Margaret! As last year’s winner, I am pleased to pass you my crown as worn by Old King Cole (in the panto at Cleethorpes in 1953)

    It is not just the winning of course, it is the pleasure of taking part, and the real winner is Vivia for her time, effort, imagination and sheer gritted teethdom. Thank you and roll on #12DCP2012 🙂

  2. or #12DCP2011 even.. I seem to be whizzing ahead of myself.

  3. I heartily concur with what Lynne has said. Thanks Vivia

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