Water, water, everywhere, nor any drop to drink…

It’s been raining.  After I announced that I was off to the gym this morning I promptly changed my mind.  I was pretty sure the road would be too flooded and I would have to take the detour.  After my fall yesterday I had vowed I wouldn’t ride my bike to work today. Then I walked the dog and decided it was so mild, the predicted wind had not arrived and I needed the exercise so I decided to ride to work and then take an extended ride back to cover my 40 minute cycle training for session 12 of my taketothestreets programme.  There was no shortage of flood water around, as you can see from the ‘road’ above and the wind had picked up to a brisk 11mph against me for three quarters of the ride..


The Stats


Dog walk – 1 mile

Commute to work – 3.29 miles 9.51 mph (over the tracks have to walk part)

Training session 12 – target 40 minutes moderate.  8.47 miles through flooded lanes in the near dark by the end average 11.29mph


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  1. you could swim throught that 🙂 well done its difficult whilst the weather is so bad

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