I Don’t Bounce – Janathon update

I should have known better.  It was icy underfoot when I walked the dog and half an hour later it was no better.  Still in my stupidity I decided to bike to work.  I will not do this again on an icy day.  I came a complete cropper at a junction when I tried to break.  Surely everyone knows there aren’t supposed to be other vehicles on the road.  What stunned me more I think was that the woman who saw me fall and then lie there stuck with leg caught between the pedal and the bike could sail on by without stopping.  I then picked my way gingerly the rest of the way to work, getting off frequently due to frozen puddles right across my path.   The journey home whilst not frozen was sticky and slippy and to be honest my hand really hurts.  So to top it all I haven’t gone to badminton tonight either.

The picture above is all I wanted to come home to.  I’m saving a picture of my hand for tomorrow when hopefully the bruising will be sympathy gathering.

The Stats

Walking 1 mile

Cycling 6.61 miles

Time 55 mins

Ave Speed 8.5ish


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  1. Oh dear sounds painful. Hope your hand is less painful but more colourful for the picture tomorrow!

  2. Ouch! Hope the hand feels better tomorrow. Can’t believe that woman didn’t check to see if you were ok! I had three kind strangers help me the other week when I fell off my bike.

  3. ouch, not a good start to the week

  4. Ouchy! Hope you feel much better tomorrow. As for the lady
    that didn’t stop, karma will take care of her.

  5. You have my sympathy without the follow-up evidence! How
    could anyone not stop to help? Hope the hand recovers quickly – so
    many nerve endings firing off, I remember the pain is
    disproportional to the size of the injury! Love the fire picture –
    surely not taken with the iPhone?

  6. are you feeling better now?

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