Readybrek effect – #Janathon update

It is really tricky to exercise when you are away for the weekend visiting family and dealing with ‘business’ of one kind and another.  Perhaps I should learn to run, it is more travel friendly.  So after the hasty swim on Friday morning and an even hastier walk yesterday afternoon, today I came heavily unstuck, big breakfast, big lunch and a day in the car as a passenger playing Lexulous and tweeting.  I couldn’t even find the torch when I got home to walk the dog.  However after being spotted in a tweet earlier by @quasi_sally who insisted I do planks – I did do planks and some general sit ups but not for long.  Luckily you can log cross training on the RunningFree site but I can’t give it any miles.  The positive thing is though without the prompt of #Janathon I know I wouldn’t even have done that little bit of work so once again huge thanks to #Janathon!

The picture above is of a Highland Cow in the Cotswolds at the end of yesterday’s walk.  Shot directly into the sun (Well I wasn’t going to ask it to move, no matter how cuddly it looks); it does create an interesting Readybrek effect.


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  1. good effort, I know if it wasn’t for #Janathon I’d never
    have done any form of exercise this year! Love the photo too, make
    me think of Terry Pratchett & the Nac Mac Feegle!

  2. Well done for doing something. I’ve had a couple of days of
    no exercise as I’ve used the excuse of my son’s birthday party
    taking up too much time and a sleepless night making me too tired
    but #janathon is going to give me a kick up the backside tonight
    and get me out there to exercise.

  3. Looks like a halo — Holy Cow!?

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