Twelfth Day of Christmas – Bang, Bang, Bang

My true love has done it again – sent drummers; you’d have thought he’d have learnt the lesson when I put the ear protectors on last year.  But here we are again.  Your challenge today is kitchen percussion.  Take out any pots, pans and containers, wooden spoons, egg whisks – whatever takes your fancy and bash out some rhythms – It’ll make you feel good I promise.

Your Russian Roulette Question for today is:  How many Fou Drummers were there in the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics and what was the significance of the number?  There is a clip below – count them if you like….

Your game of the day is here

And the final Playlist of the party is here

If you are new to this, a brief explanation.  The #12DCP is a virtual Christmas party.  A post a day will appear on the Grethica.  You respond by way of comments.  Each comment creates an entry into my prize draw, for a money can’t buy prize (because it’s mostly stuff that’s been given away by others).  The Russian Roulette questions are quiz style questions, the comments you leave to those will be posted at the end of the 12 DCP.  However the danger with a Russian roulette quiz is that if you answer a question wrong – all of your answers become null and void.  The good news is though you have time to go back and post answers to previous days, right up to the end of the 12th day.

Finally a huge thank-you to those who have taken part

I’ll be around later to tidy up, publish the roulette answers – give out the final scores and pick a winner.  The final dusting should be completed by Tuesday – I’ll publish the winner on Tuesday at the latest.  You’ve all been magnificent!



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  1. oh the last shot from my trusty Beretta.. will it miss or will I fall?

    There were 2008 drummers drumming at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, the same number as the year.

    What will we have 2012 of for our own Olympics? I’m putting my money on traffic jams…

  2. and I am bashing along to the Taiko drums on your playlist.. there is something very cathartic about drumming. We should all do more of it.

    Thank you for a wonderful 12 days, I have so enjoyed it all. It makes me be creative in different ways, makes me look outside my computer, makes me feel more alive. What a way to start the year.

  3. Oh we do that all the time in this house. Hubby does the beginning of the cricket theme tune when he makes his porridge every morning!

  4. There were 2008 drummers, same as the year it happened. They started drumming at 8.08 local time, so it all kicked off at 8.08 on the 8/08/08. 8 is the number for prosperity in China. Hopefully I have the answer you wanted in there somewhere!

  5. It just occured to me (and I am ashamed to admit it) that I haven’t thanked you for a wonderful party. The guests were beautiful and fascinating, the music varied and inspiring, the quiz educational and the hostess definitely the one with the mostest.

  6. Oooo the noise the noise…maybe I had a little too much of
    that walnut voddy you were handing round (what there were other
    flavours I drank too!)…I don’t think i can face drumming of any
    type and certainly not with kitchen implements and pans :S

  7. There we 2008 Fou drummers to tie in witht he opening ceremony with as much as possible being centred round the number 8 which is apparently a number that brings luck, prosperity and confidence….

    Perhaps its true the Chinese seem to be doing okay in the world economy right now.

  8. Oh and thanks for the party much more fun that last years
    legs madness or is that just me who thinks that….

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