Day 5 Janathon Update – brief and to the point

First day of bike to work mode.  If I was on my cycle plan it should have been a 40 minute continuous but I subbed my work cycling.  Effectively this was 70 minutes in three sections in very stiff cold wind.  My outward stretch is 3.3 miles across farm tracks on an open prairie, a small section was impassable still due to ice so I had to push but the stretch at the beginning with the wind behind me made all the difference in the world.   Work to town for shopping had the wind crossing me but worst of all was the stretch home. It is the hilliest section, it was dark and freezing rain was falling.  Still I tingled when I reached home.

I definitely need plenty of night cycling practice before the dynamo.

The Stats

Miles 11.31

Speed average 9.7 (down hill in the dark I was v cautious)



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  1. Have you got yourself the ‘super doopah’ lights yet? That will help you feel confident in the dark, or at least more confident. Is it that track at the end of the farm that’s still impassable?

    Is this your training for the dynamo beginning? Best get on my bike and catch up!

    • Not yet got the Suppah Doopah lights but yes they are a must. Yep ‘that’ bit of track is still frozen and I’m not prepared to go in the puddle again! Yes Dunwich Dynamo training – just completed session 11 of the plan which should take me to the 50 mile stage then I’m off plan and on my own.

  2. That looks like it was uphill all the way! I hate hills.

  3. Eww, cold dark cycling. Nice work getting your business out there for the Janathon.

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