Day Nine – Handbags, gladrags, bread and walking

This post is in two sections the first is the Ninth Day of Christmas, the second is my Janathon update.  Actually as you are all in the kitchen together at the moment feel free to introduce yourselves to each other.

Janathoners, the 12 Days of Christmas party is now on its ninth day, but you are very welcome and if you feel like taking part please do join in, either just today, from here to the end or if you are very adventurous go back over he previous days and join in from Christmas day.  All entries count.

12DCPers the Janathoners are a brave crowd who are exercising every day in January, logging and blogging as they go. Please pass them some carbohydrate based snacks they probably need them about now.

And so… on with the 12DCP bit of the post.

Today is the 9th day of Christmas.  I wonder how well you looked at your original invitation.  The 9th day is represented by handbags; typical when women are on the dance floor.  My true love has sent me ladies dancing but one of them needs a new bag (there are only 8 bags in the picture).

Short pause to watch some Pizzica Dancing – I love this stuff having watched it for real in the Food Festival in Puglia in the summer….

Your challenge today is to design a ninth bag.  You can do this in words or pictures and link to the comments box in this post.  I admit to trying to create drawings for illustration Friday, without that challenge I would never put paint, crayon or ink to paper.  I find it deeply frustrating that I can not execute my ideas on the page but I will keep trying, otherwise how will I ever improve.  I’ll come back and post my design later.

The Russian Roulette Question of the Day is:  Where was Ernest found and why is it important?

Today’s playlist is here

Your game of the day is here

If you are new to this, a brief explanation.  The #12DCP is a virtual Christmas party.  A post a day will appear on the Grethica.  You respond by way of comments.  Each comment creates an entry into my prize draw, for a money can’t buy prize (because it’s mostly stuff that’s been given away by others).  The Russian Roulette questions are quiz style questions, the comments you leave to those will be posted at the end of the 12 DCP.  However the danger with a Russian roulette quiz is that if you answer a question wrong – all of your answers become null and void.  The good news is though you have time to go back and post answers to previous days, right up to the end of the 12th day.

Enjoy – thanks to those that have taken part so far… keep up the good work

My Handbag

And here it is…

You will see it is made from fresh green moss woven into a microgravity thread that means it and its contents weigh almost nothing at all.  The bag is deceptively simple on the outside, but inside it is lined with shot silk; there are many sections most of which can perform subtle magic tricks. It has:

A pocket for an iPhone which recharges without delay, provides lightening wireless broadband and if required spits the phone out as an iPad, there are speakers too so you can share episodes of the Archers with your friends.

A loop for keys which arrive in your hand with the right one ready for use.

A place to store treasures as rewards for children and adults who have been good or to leave in geocaches.

A money sorter which provides the right change on each and every occasion.

A bag of bags for life; so you are never caught out in the supermarket again.

Treats, water, poo bags and a lead for the dog.

Spares of everything for cycling.

A swim suit and towel and a flask of coffee so you are always ready for an outdoor dip.

Water, pencils, paper and brushes so you can doodle.

A complete camera kit.

A rabbit hole to fall down when I need to get away and have an adventure.

And now for the Janathon bit…….

Today has been a bit of a social day for me.  I walked the dog this morning and then scuttled off to Pump Street Bakery at Orford.  I had arranged to meet @donna_de and @goodshoeday for coffee.  I then went on to a lunch party, which took all afternoon and then walked the dog again.  You’ll have spotted the flaw in the exercise plan.

To be honest, today was never going to be a proper exercise day but I met some enthusiastic exercisers, including my Janathoning neighbour @quasisally who was running, we stopped and chatted and both congratulated ourselves on being out seeing the sun rise and the rainbow or as it was sleeting  icebow.

The Stats

Machine – Shanks’ Pony plus dog

Distance – 2.12 miles

Time – 40 mins or there abouts

Average speed – 3 mph slower if tweeting whilst walking or when the dog goes down a rabbit hole.


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  1. Confused. Have read my invitation 3 times but still don’t know why today is the 12th day and the 9th day. Come back later with my creation

    • Totally my error – it is of course the 9th day – call it pre Ambridge being shaken to the core typo’ing. The point was I only drew 8 bags where there should have been 9. – Enjoy the challenge.

  2. My handbag is made of the finest leather covered with a flexible LCD fabric so that I can make it look like anything I want. A bit like a flexible digital photo frame, so it can be any colour, of covered in flowers. or stars or trees or pictures of Bryan Ferry. It has one huge compartment with a proper gusset – I hate thos multi pocket bags which all end on one seam so you can’t actually get much in them. It has a special place for my phone so I don’t have to go rootling about for that if it rings, and a long strap to put across my shoulder and under my arm so that I don’t actually have to carry it. It has a button that accesses a dictaphone so that I can record conversations or memos to myself and an internet connection that is free.

  3. Clever clogs here again ( I hope ?) as this is another one I worked out by myself. I assume we are in Oscar Wilde territory here and that we are referring to Jack whose alter ego was Ernest and who was found in a handbag (pause for Edith Evans impersonation) in a cloakroom on the Brighton LIne at Victoria Station

  4. the Roulette is in Earnest today..

    What are the odds of being found in a handbag?

    Of course for Ernest (or Jack), it was a trivial thing, whereas for Jack (or Ernest) it was important enough to make him realise the Importance of being Earnest.

    Ernest was found in a handbag at Victoria Station, having been lost by his nursemaid who mistook him for a manuscript. The play is, of course, Oscar Wilde’s “The Importance of Being Earnest”

  5. I shall tell you about my bag..

    It is beautiful, shaped like a small pumpkin, velvet and brocade and lace and beads, and… look.. it is here!

    And like Hermione’s bag it is bigger on the inside than on the outside..

    oh, where have I seen that before?

    but back to my much more convenient Hermione bag.. when you look into the top, it appears to be empty, simply lined with delicious buttery milky cream suede, a suede of infinite softness, which never gets greasy and dark in patches, which looks forever new. Hermione’s charm means that everything is hidden, yet you have only to think and you will find that you have what you seek within your fingertips, and that the small size of the opening is no problem as you withdraw your weeks shopping, your laptop, your hardback copy of Lord of the Rings, your A4 auction catalogue. Neither do little things like lipsticks, gloves, pens, magnifying glasses, paperclips, cameras, memory chips, Smints, disappear into the black hole that is the dark depths of the bottom of the bag. They swim to the surface, neat and tidy, not rumpled, just perfectly what you need when you need i

  6. Right handbags well that’s quite hard because I already have quite a few so I’m not sure where I would start with the design. I certainly don’t want it to be “multi functional use for all possible events” type bag, I’d want it to have quite a specific remit (that way there is room for other bags in the collection)…also I’m not someone who chucks everything in my bag and loses it I only take what I need. But that doesn’t mean it needs to be small and bijou either…..
    This really is a tough one…
    I’m going to go for butter soft dark chocolate brown leather, shoulder bag that fits neatly under the erm when on not too close but not too long so it can be carried by hand too. Its simple with one main section thats quite room and two outer sections that aren’t small but make things like keys, phone and tube pass east to get too without opening the main section. Probably silvery locks but subtle….
    Hmmm wonder if anyone makes one like that…..

  7. Ernest and where was he found hmmm this could take some time to explain.
    I think you are referring the play the Importance of being Earnest and indee the character Ernest who is the sort of alter ego of Jack but actually turns out through series of twists and turns to in fact be called Ernest.
    Anyway he was found in a handbag at Victoria station where he had been mistakenly left my his nursemaid. The handbag is critical to proving who he is and his worth the Lady Bracknell and thus getting the girl he is after. He is Lady Bracknell’s sisters son I think as it turns out.

  8. Ahh yes t’was indeed Ernest Worthing I was thinking of

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