Janathon – New Year’s Day Ride

#OKdoggy investigates

Well here we go…the Janathon has started.  Simple; exercise everyday, blog it and log it at RunningFree.  I am hoping this will keep me on track.  I am training for the Great East Swim and the Dunwich Dynamo.  My training plans are coming from taketothestreets as I found the swim training worked for me last year for the Great East.

Today I was doing Session 9 of the cycle training plan.  Supposed to be done as a “Mixed – Negative Split: Easy/Moderate (40)”.  I think that’s what I achieved.  The roads were quiet, only saw 5 cars in the trip but the lanes are very muddy and badly broken up due to lorry damage and the snow so one down hill section was a little hairy. I do love going down hill fast though.

As can be seen from the picture above I can’t be accused of ‘all the gear and no idea’ more my gear is ‘agricultural’ – time to visit the wiggle site I think and kit myself up properly!

I hooked up the iPhone to a new handlebar bracket and used mapmyride which means I can produce an upitydownity graph.  I’ve wanted one of these ever since Dave Gorman used something similar when he did his tour cycling from gig to gig.  So below is my upitydownity showing a very clear whhheeeeeeeee section.

and now for the Stats:

Machine – Maud the Claud

Distance – 7.53 miles

Time – 40 mins and six seconds

Average speed – 10.9 mph


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  1. And it starts….I be off out for a run soon…it dark now so all good 😉


  2. What in heavens name does “Mixed – Negative Split: Easy/Moderate (40)” mean :S
    My brothers who are both hugely into cycling love the wiggle site…watch out I believe its addictive!
    And well done on day one about to blog 2012 miles day 1 here 🙂

  3. Well done on getting out there. I’m contemplating the Dunwich Dynamo this year – last year I was ‘helping’ some people from CycleChat, so got to stay up all night and cook soup, rather than stay up all night enjoying a big ride!

    Good luck with the rest of Janathon!

  4. this whole idea makes me feel ever so wobbly :((

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