Eighth Day – the maids are on their break

Happy New Year

It was a bit of a heavy night last night and the poor maids had to be up early milking.  So they are off on their break now. Assuming everyone is also hung over, what they need is comfort food; something that goes right to their roots, home spun and soothing.

I wish to create a map of local delicacies, those things that just don’t exist elsewhere.  Here in this bit of Suffolk I guess it would be rusks.  Where I grew up it would be lardy cake.  So what food and where did it originate from would you recommend for the milk maids?  I will create a map, lets see if we can cover it with comfort eating.

The playlist for today is here

Your game of the day is deceptively simple yet…… well try it and you’ll see here

And finally the Russian Roulette Question:

Sarah Nelmes milked Blossom – why were they important?

If you are new to this, a brief explanation.  The #12DCP is a virtual Christmas party.  A post a day will appear on the Grethica.  You respond by way of comments.  Each comment creates an entry into my prize draw, for a money can’t buy prize (because it’s mostly stuff that’s been given away by others).  The Russian Roulette questions are quiz style questions, the comments you leave to those will be posted at the end of the 12 DCP.  However the danger with a Russian roulette quiz is that if you answer a question wrong – all of your answers become null and void.  The good news is though you have time to go back and post answers to previous days, right up to the end of the 12th day.

Enjoy – thanks to those that have taken part so far… keep up the good work


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  1. The thing that instantly comes to mind when I am asked about comfort food is bacon pudding, done in layers in a pudding basin, not a roll. Not sure if it was a local dish but I grew up in (do I want to admit this) Billericay so it might be an Essex thing

  2. Oooh Miss, Miss, *hand in air, stretching, waving* I know this one without looking it up! Sarah Nelmes got cow pox from Blossom the cow and it was the icky bits out of her blisters that Edward Jenner used to innoculate a boy to see if it protected him from small pox, which it did.

  3. Sarah saved the world with her own hands. Literally, as it was the cowpox blisters she had on her hands from Blossom the cow that helped Jenner produce his first vaccine against small pox.

    Blossom’s horn is now in the Edward Jenner museum in Berkeley.


    In 1980 The World Health Organisation was able to declare that the world was free from Smallpox http://www.cdc.gov/features/smallpoxeradication/. All down to Jenner, Sarah Nelmes and Blossom the cow.

  4. I have a childhood food memory of my Gran’s apple batter pudding.. sliced bramleys tossed in sugar, scattered over a yorkshire batter pudding, cooked in her oldfashioned black range cooker. She was a Southminster Essex maid/mother/crone so I don’t know if this is local? but it did feel as if it was.

  5. Local food would have to be Ormskirk Gingerbread which is a specific recipe secret to the bakers in the town I grew up and went to school in. I know you’ve not heard of it but see:



    From recollection its rather nice.

  6. Sarah Nelmes…well she was a milkmaid and she’d contracted cowpox. One Edward Jenner had a theory that those who had been exposed to cowpox were immune from smallpox (based on his observations of those who worked with cattle). And he wanted to test the theory. So he got some cowpox pus (nice) from the sores on Sarha Nelmes hands and used it to ‘inoculate’ some poor small boy. After a period of time he then attempted to infect the same small boy with smallpox….the boy didn’t get smallpox, he survived and there we have it the first vaccine.

  7. I’ll come back to the map later and may make it an ongoing project.

    Bless Sarah Nelmes and bless Blossom. If you are a regular watching of Country File or listener to Farming today you’ll wonder like me why we haven’t sorted TB yet. But we all have a lot to be grateful to Jenner for.

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