Seventh Day – Going Swimmingly

Sorry for the late posting, but I really had to get on with some overdue real work.

Today my true love has sent swans, swimming.  As many of you will already know swimming has become my great love. A twitter message from Stradbroke pool about this time last year led me to enter the Great East Swim and go from being someone who enjoyed swimming in all weathers but head out of the water to a regular open water swimmer and now able to swim crawl face down.  You will have seen on the fifth day that I have committed to do the Great East Swim in 2011 and 2012 as my Olympic pledge.  I am also hoping to do the Dunwich Dynamo for the first time this year. Somehow I need to integrate long distance cycle training with training for an open mile swim.

Time for me to talk a little more about Janathon. The idea behind Janathon is that people take exercise every day and blog about it, throughout January.  One of the things I have learned about myself is that having a target certainly encourages me to take part. I enjoyed the Aspire swim which kept me going through the autumn and early winter. I am hoping that Janathon will help me get into a training pattern for the Great east and the Dynamo, huge thanks to Cathy for coming up with the idea, organising the site and generally enthusing and corralling everybody.  When I last checked there were 170+ participants, which is amazing.  I fully expect the blogs to be brief but hopefully they will help me to keep track of my diary and progress too.

I had originally hoped to go for a New Year dip tomorrow, but the lass I was hoping to go with is poorly – get well soon Mrs Meramid.  Never the less I may go and throw some pebbles in the sea anyway.

A nice safe challenge for you all today (after all if you want to make an exercise commitment go back to Day 5) – take out your crinkle free new 2011 diary and set aside a date to spend time by some water, the sea, a lake, river or waterfall. It is good for the soul.  Come back here when you’ve been on your date out and let us know how you feel.

The clip below was my first effort at swimming in a wet suit, on Dartmoor in May.  The best bit was sitting in the water afterwards whilst the tadpoles nibbled at my toes.

Before your Russian roulette question here is a little game to warm up with – I quite like this one

Your Russian Roulette Question for today:  How did Peder Lykkeberg go about things the wrong way in the 1900 Paris Olympics leaving him with the bronze?


The Playlist for today is here

If you are new to this, a brief explanation.  The #12DCP is a virtual Christmas party.  A post a day will appear on the Grethica.  You respond by way of comments.  Each comment creates an entry into my prize draw, for a money can’t buy prize (because it’s mostly stuff that’s been given away by others).  The Russian Roulette questions are quiz style questions, the comments you leave to those will be posted at the end of the 12 DCP.  However the danger with a Russian roulette quiz is that if you answer a question wrong – all of your answers become null and void.  The good news is though you have time to go back and post answers to previous days, right up to the end of the 12th day.

Enjoy – thanks to those that have taken part so far… keep up the good work


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  1. I love to go walking along the sea front in the winter when it is quiet and there aren’t many people about. I used to get up early and go to Aldeburgh when I lived close by – even managed to see the sun rise once or twice. Now I go to Felixstowe. I often go for a hour long walk after church or if I have time after I have visited mum. I know what you mean about it doing something for your soul. I don’t think I could commit to the Janathon, I have found these things where you are obliged to blog become too much hassle after a while, but I am going to try and walk more.

  2. The answer is that he was penalised for swimming in a circle in the underwater event

  3. Russian (or in this case Danish) roulette..

    Poor Peder, if only someone had explained to him that he was supposed to swim in a straight line.. He was competing in the Men’s Underwater Swimming event. This highly unusual event was contested in the Olympic Games for the only time in 1900. The two Frenchman, Charles de Vaudeville and André Six, won first and second place. However, _Journal des Sports_ noted that the third-place finisher, Peder Lykkeberg, was the best of the lot, staying underwater for nearly 30 seconds longer than the two higher placed medal winners. However, the article noted that Lykkeberg swam in a circle, swimming much more than 60 metres, but the distance was measured only in a straight line from the starting point, so he lost points as he was only measured at 28.5 metres.

  4. I’m afraid this challenge is difficult for me..I love the sea, but we are such a long way from it. I can get to rivers (though not waterfalls) but they just don’t have the same feeling for me. We did have a great time just before Christmas, a couple of days at Orford, and got to visit the RSPB reserve at Minsmere, which butts the sea at Dunwich. It was cold, cold, cold and the sea was grey and greasy looking, but it was invigorating and made the cup of tea next to the fire back at the hotel all the more welcoming.

    So I will try to get out there more often this year, even if only for a day visit to Aldeburgh, and a walk around the Scallop Shell on the beach.

    And in the meantime, there is always a bubble bath..

  5. Well I am lucky enough to be able to visit the sea at Aldeburgh regularly. So I went up there on the 31st and did a few nice walks over the next couple of days….the sea was grey and quite rough but lots of people were on the beach.

  6. Mr Lykkeberg swam in a circle apparently thus not gaining as many points as he might despite being underwater the longest.

  7. Poor Peder – again not one you’ll forget for trivia quizzes fancy swimming round in circles. I like to fancy he was wearing a towelling knitted pair of speedos too – oh – just me then….

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