Third Day – Second Boxing Day – French Hens Kissing

Is this Boxing day or was yesterday Boxing Day – one of those pointless discussions that ensue after Christmas lunch, when Christmas falls on a Saturday.  We do know it is the third day of Christmas and my beloved has sent me three French hens.  I guess I could make some French toast or an omelet however there is no suggestion that these hens are laying; I’m not sure eating the birds themselves would be civil.  Therefore I’ll let my mind wander to French Kissing in the USA or anywhere else that takes your fancy.

But where would take your fancy – what would be your most romantic location?…… actually if I can create a little map of romantic hot spots that would be fab.  I feel an Aardvark Map coming on.

Click on map to go to interactive original

Click on Map for interactive original

And as a second comment please your Russian Roulette Question of the day is (but you might like to warm up on this first) :

According to the Christmas Price Index what is the 2010 price of three French Hens?

The playlist for the third day is here

If you are new to this, a brief explanation.  The #12DCP is a virtual Christmas party.  A post a day will appear on the Grethica.  You respond by way of comments.  Each comment creates an entry into my prize draw, for a money can’t buy prize (because it’s mostly stuff that’s been given away by others).  The Russian Roulette questions are quiz style questions, the comments you leave to those will be posted at the end of the 12 DCP.  However the danger with a Russian roulette quiz is that if you answer a question wrong – all of your answers become null and void.  The good news is though you have time to go back and post answers to previous days, right up to the end of the 12th day.

Enjoy – thanks to those that have taken part so far… keep up the good work


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  1. $150 – what a huge increase from last yeat, glad I didn’t bother buying any this Christmas!!

  2. Mmm where would I take Mr Sparkle?? It would have to be somewhere with some great geo-caching oppertunities so that I can take photos of him with his finds – any ideas anybody??

    • All of the romantic capitals, Paris, Rome etc will have caches. You might like to read this too for how to add some romance to geocaching. I’m beginning to feel like Marge Proops!

  3. a point of order pls ma’am..

    when you say :-

    “The good news is though you have time to go back and post answers to previous days, right up to the end of the 12th day.”

    do you mean we can go back and correct our entry? or is our first click on the trigger the only one that counts each day?

  4. Now for the romantic stuff. Mmmwah.

    (btw – Did I tell you I dreamt last night I was having an affair with John Barrowman? How unlikely is that? He does have lovely teeth though..anyway enough of this…)

    Venice I think. Watery canals and cheesy gondoliers. We will go during carnival and I will wear a wonderful painted mask and a long silk domino, violinists are playing somewhere, and I shall run through the streets of Venice into the arms of my lover. Who will be tall and dark and handsome and called Bob. hmmm. I heard the sound of Vivaldi collapse in a screech at his name there… Oh, but how could I forget he is half Italian?

    We shall change his name to Roberto. Now that’s better isn’t it?

  5. Having found the answer to the question I can only say I am jolly glad I am not a milkmaid!
    Me and my OH don’t do traveling because of all the accesibility problems. I haven’t done much. So I am guessing here but I think maybe Venice would be a nice place to go

  6. The answer is $150

  7. Oooh Lynne, there’s a coincidence, I hadn’t seen your post when I did mine.

  8. Romantic locations? To romance in? Not sure I ever did any of that, but surely it’s the person who makes things romantic, not the location?

  9. Romantic locations…surely if you are with the person you love any location can be romantic *pops on rose tinted specs*
    And to help with this sentiment please add Everything But the Girl “Love is Where I Live’ to the spotify play list…here’s a you tube link too >

    • haha my reply to Margaret was awaiting the Grethic OK, but it is still valid…

      so come on, tell me how you would be romantic in a public convenience?

  10. And for the price of 3 French Hens well this year its $150 apparently, a rise of 233% wow!

  11. ooh Margaret, the person will make it romantic I guess, but the location would make it more so.

    I mean, let’s take this to the limit, no matter who the person, could you be romantic in a public convenience?

  12. so my roulette turn…


    I say that 3 French Hens in 2010 would have set you back $150.

    But why the massive price hike this last year? And why didn’t I buy loads last year and stash them away somewhere?

  13. Actually glad I stick to goose for my Christmas dinner and at 2011 prices as reared by my neighbour – I shan’t declare the cost – but worth every penny.

    The hens were $150 for the three

    I realise I still haven’t added any romantic places of my own to the map – perhaps I should go and do some in depth research.

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