Hello, excuse me whilst I walk over your sleeping bodies on the floor.  I’ll be round with bacon butties later.

This is the second day of Christmas, my beloved has sent turtle doves and if you scrutinised your invitation you will realise that is the train of thought I am following today.  Here I am picking through the leftovers from yesterday wondering what unusual food combinations I could come up with.  I have some once cooked giblets and a little Christmas pudding so perhaps a mock turtle soup.  If you have a strong stomach you might like to read the wikipaedia article on mock turtle soup – I wonder why it fell out of fashion?

On the topic of unusual food, whilst out to coffee with @josordoni and @flyingchef1 I  bought some Sea Salt Chocolate from Pump Street Bakery @pumstreetbakery– that was gorgeous, made by Rococo Chocolates and sadly I did not treat it with the respect the price tag demanded, it went very quickly. Whilst in Orford I also bought a smoked ham hock from Richardson’s smoke house and made Nigel Slater’s Elephant Stew.  The stew is not made with elephants but ham hocks; so perhaps it is really mock elephant stew. My friend @goodshoeday quite rightly pointed out who wants food that reminds you of eating ellies anyway.  The final thought on the stew was that it was ‘all-right’, but in conversation with @theflyingchef1 we are agreed it needs a little something.  I would a) partially precook the hock in a pressure cooker then b) add some Aspall Premier, the potatoes, carrots etc and maybe some veg that would thicken the sauce more like aubergine or FlyingChefs thoughts were butternut squash and c) would cook the last stage in an oven casserole so it dries out a little more.  The question is with all those changes would it still be elephant stew or would it be mock-mock elephant stew.

Do you have a classic ‘mock’ recipe – one that really works that you could share?

And as a second comment (so I don’t inadvertently publish your answer)  The Russian Roulette question for today; before I ask it you might like to warm up with this game……

Q2  What is the expected lifespan of a turtle-dove?

If you are feeling cruel you might like to make these ‘truffles’

And finally I leave you with Franz Ferdinand