A Very Merry Christmas to You – Welcome to the 12DCP

Welcome, here have a mince-pie, some cheese and pineapple on a stick maybe?  Dance floor is over there, chuck the coats on the bed upstairs.  Just enjoy yourself here is today’s playlist.  First day of Christmas and I have a partridge in my pear tree; how lovely.  For today just enjoy yourself, let your mind drift back to your youth – what sort of teenager were you?  Angsty, adventurous, risk taker, swooner?

Well here’s the Partridge that was on my bedroom wall – so I guess I was a swooner

Enjoy the party, we’ll make things more challenging as the 12 days progress.

The Russian Roulette (see yesterday’s post) question of the day:

What is the birthstone for December?


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  1. Oh the Partridge Family – I loved David Cassidy – I mean really loved him, not just a teenage crush you understand! Such a shame to see him a few weeks ago all bloated and charged with drunk driving 😦
    I was a very serious teenager,until I was 17 then I became a party animal – I know, hard to beleive isn’t it!! And of course I knew the answer to today’s question as a December baby – Turquoise, always thought that was a tad boring actually!! Merry Christmas!

  2. Well done to EasternSparkle who has the first question right – I’ll post her answer at the end of the 12 days.

  3. Happy Christmas – great party, lovely to be invited!

    There are two birthstones for December – turquoise or blue topaz

    And what kind of teenager was I? Cheesecloth maxi skirt, smelly Afghan coat, velvet loons, sitting barefoot on a traffic island eating a pomegranate – could have been Woodstock, but in fact in Colchester, about 3 years too late! Parents appalled.

  4. The answer is Turquoise

  5. Hmmm, bit old for The Partridge Family. The first picture on my bedroom wall was Bobby Vee – I loved “The Night has a 1000 eyes” But you know of course that Bryan is and always was my first love! I was rather a cautious teenager, rather a goody goody – made up for it later

  6. Hi folks, I’ve posted all the comments because thanks to Jaydubblah I discovered once I replied to comments subscribers could see what I thought I was holding back. This could end up being the safest game of Russian roulette ever.

  7. oh dear… so I’m away one day, and the Russian Roulette gets trickier… I presume you simply won’t say a word until the end so we won’t know if we are still alive or just zombies answering questions that nobody can hear…

    I shall take my first blank bullet (even if it does feel like cheating now…) with turquoise as the birthstone.

    And later, after breakfast, I shall wow you all with my teenage memories…

  8. So first of all the birthstone for December. Well a search around the interwebs suggests there are quite a number of possibilities depending on who/what you want to cite as your authority. so far i have found the following:

    Traditional: zircon (this is NOT the same as zirconia), ruby, lapis luzli, bloodstone
    Modern: turquoise, blue topaz
    Mythical (this has Tibetian origins): onyx
    Ayuervedic: ruby

    I also found tanzinite cited on some sites.

    And if you fancy throwing zodiac signs into the mix then you get topaz for Sagittarius and ruby for Capricorn….

    So erm quiet a lot of options and this seems trued for all the other months too.

  9. Hmmm and what kind of teenager was I well erm I’ll leave you to surmise that from my answer to the gemstones 😉

  10. As ever my dear friends I find you have researched well there are almost too many answers to this question. I’m living with turquoise as the answer.

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