Eve’ing all – just tidying up a bit

Hello, great to see you here – how nice that you have arrived in time for the canapés. Well, its the night before Christmas and time to prepare for the party.  Those of you that were here last year, thanks for coming back; mawh, mawh, lovely to see you.  The rest of you mawh, mawh too here is how the party works.  Each day there will be a short post here, some recollections to share, challenges, quiz questions; different things on different days.  You join in by adding comments.  At the end of the 12 days I will add up all the posts and put the names in the hat – one person will win a money can not buy prize.  The more posts you complete the more chances you have of winning.

This year there will be a rolling quiz.  At the end of each post, in addition to that day’s challenge, there will be a question you give your answer and I publish it at the end of the 12th day.  One bit of bad news, because I’m not that nice a fairy, this quiz is Russian Roulette style – one wrong answer and none of your answers count.

So whilst I’m tidying up there is still time to add some more tracks to the party playlist.  Which can be found here for Spotify users.


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  1. well it had to be added..

    Makeup optional 🙂

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