Shhhhhh – Pop Up Occurring in Brandeston

I feel like I’ve held out on you. I’ve eaten out at the Queen’s Head, Brandeston and not posted anything. Mostly because I’ve been in great company, enjoying the conversations so much and because the food was so good I’ve been eating it not photographing much of it. Just as well I’m not a professional food blogger.

Now, I have a big secret to share.  Brandeston Queen’s Head is about to host a ‘pop-up’ restaurant, for two days only at the end of January.  David Williams @stillcooking has been working as a consultant for Alan Randal @queensheadbrand at Brandeston Queen’s Head. Knowing that David and his wife Susanne @susannewilliams are looking for their own restaurant eventually the idea of the ‘pop-up’ was born.  This will be run to their ideas, food and service ethos.  The team have worked hard over the last few months developing  ideas for the Brandeston Queen’s head and if this new venture follows on the high standards they have set so far things should be very good indeed.  For more information see their website here.


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