#12DCP – 12 Days of Christmas Party – You are Invited!

I thought it was about time to send out the invitations to the 12 Days of Christmas Party.  Like last year, everyone is invited to my virtual party; starting on Christmas day and carrying on for 12 days.  There will be a post a day with different ‘things’ going on – I promise no legs this time (honest!)  The tag for the posts will be #12DCP.  Above is your invitation; which fits nicely with this weeks Illustration Friday topic of ‘Mail’.  So pop back, see what’s going on, join in and for every entry you make that is published your name will go into the hat for a money can’t buy prize.

For now I think it is time to start putting up the trimmings and choosing some music – so what tracks would you like added to the playlist, what will be guaranteed to have you up on the dance floor bopping your heart out?  You can find the playlist here


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  1. RSVP I will be delighted to attend the party, in my capacity as Current Champeen, I hope I will have the honour to announce the 2011 winners of the Grethicia Glitterball (or equivalent)

  2. I thought I was champeen 😦 If my memory serves me right josordoni needed help before she got the answers last time *sulks*

  3. you can be champeen if you wish 🙂 It is Xmas after all…

  4. Oooh yes I’m in! Fabulous….cracks open the wine xx

  5. a nice couple of smoochy numbers now added

  6. haha now we have to get Granny up and singing along… she likes comedy songs and is a good old soul with a bit of music hall.. what shall we give her? I’ve kicked off with one I heard last night at the quiz…can’t remember when I last heard it.

    But really I want Dory Bryan and All I want for Christmas is a Beatle, but I can’t find it on Spotify. So we will have to make do with a bit of You Tube..

  7. OK have added some real dance music and then lets have a singalong

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