Training for the 2011 Grethathalon – and blogging for Janathon

Janathon is challenge to post daily in January, primarily aimed at runners (I don’t run) but any exercise will do.  I have decided that in my Several World, where I have my own language, I will coin a new form of exercise. I have invented the Grethathalon. In 2011 the Grethathalon will consist of completing the Dunwich Dynamo and the Great East Swim. Note: completing, nothing about times, just getting round is fine. Feel free to join in, there is no prize and I am fully expecting a field of one – me.  My training officially started today. Having used the Take to the Streets training in 2010 for the Great East I am going to try and weave together their swim training and their cycle training over the coming months to reach a point where I am fit for the roads and open water.  You are warned, expect much exercise related blogging in January, but otherwise it will still be a Several World here.

p.s.  If you’ve followed me since my #f450 campaign last January, you will realise that the exercise bug has well and truly entered my blood stream.


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  1. best of luck with Janathon, if you’re after new sports gear to help you during your training, you should check out our community – for tips and brand information plus members review the products so it’s a great source of information. Look forward to hearing from you.


  2. Good luck with the Janathon! Just heard about it from my brother, who also had the bright idea of running 2011 miles in 2011. For some reason I’ve signed for both…! Do see our blog for more details!

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