Sneaky – Illustration Friday – A Smuggler’s Song

Illustration Friday - Sneaky

Illustration Friday this week is ‘sneaky’. I have spent some time in Orford and the weather is thick and foggy at the moment. As I was taking pictures down at the quay the sounds of voices were carried across the water clearly. “Yew gotta go Kareful ther’ buoy, thas a lot of bewt yew gort there.” Reading ‘Ask the Fellows Who Cut the Hay’ by George Ewart Evans there is a fantastic section about smuggling. One Liney Riches referred to in the book kept sheep, he would run them over the tracks where the smugglers had taken their haul and prevent the excise men from tracking the route of the wagon. So my thoughts have been with sneaky smugglers, ancient or modern and I have cobbled together my impressions from the images and sounds around the quay. The light from the window might be someone shining a warning lamp or ill-advisedly looking out when they should know better. If you like poetry you might like Rudyard Kipling’s ‘A Smuggler’s Song‘.


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  1. I have been trying to remember the name ‘George Ewart Evans’ for ages, I listened to the ‘Archive on 4’ program about him earlier in the year (but was driving and forgot the name). Thank you for that. DB

  2. Kipling is one of my favorite writers. Yes, there is something sneaky about fog. Something just a little bit creepy too.

  3. I love the tone and color of this.

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