Introducing the Bedroom Barista-Geisha

Last night there was a programme on BBC1 which mentioned the Teasmade. Now I think there was a problem with the old style teasmade in addition to its association with the Generation Game conveyor belt, there is also the whole issue of the name (worse still when made by Goblin, which just sounded wrong), they looked clunky and the need for UHT milk, lumpy milk or coffeemate just served to make matters worse.

There are some newer models available but they still don’t more things forward much. Above is my idea, along with a new name. The Bedroom Barista-Geisha, guaranteed to make you perfect tea or coffee every time. It can make coffee with hot or cold milk, tea or infusions.  For difficult couples (ie most) who can’t agree a double set up can be created.  In any case it has to be better than the little kettle beloved of motel bedrooms, that just prove to you how alone you are.

Oh – if this is a truly genius idea I reserve the right to be known as its inventor.

So votes please:


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  1. I saw that programme. I want one!

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