LatitudeFestTest – the answers – are you local?

The LatitudeFestTest

Question 1:  How do you like your Black Shuck? A long way away – If you want a child friendly version of the Tale of Black Shuck try THIS.  So 1 point each to those who suggested Mythical or keep him in Bungay.

But as they are local it seems only right to plant the video of Darkness singing Black Shuck

My favourite answer with 2 points therefore goes to:  @Goodshoeday

Question 2: (from @Nickshore) How do you pronounce Hoxne?  Like Aldeburgh, Grundisburgh and Pettaugh Suffolk towns like to fox people.  The correct pronunciation may well be “ˈhɒksən” but I think that ‘Hocks Un’ is the best way of showing the correct stress.  If you can find the centre of the village I’ll give you 20 points.  But for now the bonus 2 points go to @Moohvy

Question 3: What do you treat Peronelle’s Blush with?  Of course Peronelle’s Blush is a fantastic cyder and Blackberry liquer from the wonderful house of Aspall.  So you treat it with a deckchair and good company.  My favourite answer with 2 points goes to @jaydubblah who said ‘respect’.  As for the cheeky monkey (@hardboiled2006🙂 who said ‘Bishops Finger’ – I knew Peronelle so I can’t possibly comment!  So one point to everyone who recognised it as a local cyder.

Question 4: The shop in the lane sells eggs at 90p per half dozen; how do you pay? In the honesty jar of course.  If you don’t have enough money an IOU will do.  Leaving empty boxes is also a prerequisite and if you are under 16 samples of the cakes you made are also expected.  So 1 point for honesty box etc.  And a grudging 2 points to @NorfolkKitchen but that just goes to show what a difference being North or South of the Waveny makes.

Question 5: What two things happen in the lane most days? (seriously local question, but if you are local you just know) In our lane its #OKdoggy going for a walk and the 7.00 cyclist.  The thing is if you are local, you just know.  So 1 point each for OK doggy and the cyclist and 2 points @sketchybear for understanding the toll and devastation of living in a lane if you are a hedgehog, rabbit or frog – at least I don’t share the squished things as #corpseoftheday

Question 6: If you catch crabs, what state is your tackle likely to be in?  The correct and best answer (2 points) goes to @sketchbear for bolty and bacony, read these posts if you need more explanation.  So 1 points for suggesting bacon, bolts or anything else low tech for dangling into the creeks.

Question 7: Why are there no peas in Suffolk this year (except in Peasenhall)? It’s all down to the devastation of Birdseye losing the pea contract with Italy.  If you want to know how hard this is the total budget for Norfolk and Suffolk farmers was £5,5 million.  When I wrote this post last year I had no idea the situation was so fragile.  If you are interested in twitter and peas follow @bfpeas.  If you’ve missed it this year, then put a date in your diary to attend the Peasenhall Pea festival next year.  So 1 point if you got the Italian Birdseye connection.  Best answer and 2 points goes to @josordoni for “if there were peas in Suffolk it would be Suphpholk”

Question 8: Whose estate are you camping on and where is the big house? It is the estate of part of the Rous family.  Another branch of the family farm in Dennington.  Read this about the family history it is fascinating; you will see Black Shuck mentioned.  The house was demolished due to a dispute within the family, death duties, grief and so much trauma.  Hektor Rous is now responsible for the park and buildings and has seen the very successful Latitude festival from a few hundred to thousands of people.  There may well be a new Henham Hall in the future with apartments and leisure facilities.  So 1 point if you said Rous Family and there is no house.

Question 9: If someone calls you Bah how do you respond?  Yew ol roit then bah.  Bah is a man on man term of friendship.  Bit like mate.  It is local, further afield the North Folk tend to use Bor or Boi.  So 1 point for responses such as all right Bah how bout yew etc

Question 10: What is the correct ratio of sky to land?  I’d say 85% sky is about right so 1 point for anything greater than 80%

Now if you could just tot up your scores and submit them; thanks for playing along you bunch of lovely people.

If you are interested in a more serious quiz I am setting questions at Saxtead Mill House next Friday, please book direct with the pub.


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  1. I got 2 POINTS !! Yaya! and I only answered one question..

  2. Erm i can’t follow your scoring system :S

  3. oh well this was EXCELLENT! I was much too afraid to take part, despite having encouraged its inception. Very poor. You’ll have to excuse me…maybe it because I’m a Londoner (to be sung).

    Bah? Well that’s a WHOLE lot better than ‘my cock’ which is the way we address our pals in Somerset. Mind…boggles.

  4. YAY! I think I worked out 9 points there! I should bloomin know how to pronounce Hoxne, I drive through it 4 times a day, and live in the next village!

    So, would I qualify for a locals pass?? That’s the big prize* I’ve got MY eye on!!

    *I know, I know… it’s just for fun! LOL – and it was fun, so thankyou!

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