The Run That By Me Again Page – Midsummer Maahes Answers

Thank you for helping with the clearing up.  I know I allowed myself to become distracted, what with running off to take part in a quiz, starting pilates, enjoying a spiffing meal at the Station, then a swim in the North Sea to dust off the … well dust frankly.  Anyway enough of my excuses, I thought I should provide the answers to the Maahes quizzes and thank you all for you cooperation, collaboration and entertainment, I hope you had fun, despite the frustration of the questions….

Q1 As I walked out one midsummer’s morning, what was my name and which village did I leave?

My name was Laurie Lee and I left Slad, very close to my own Cotswold home.  I have a soft spot for his books, Cider with Rosie and As I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning.  I believe the best joke in literature is the one about ‘sit there for the present’.

Q2 I wandered lonely as a cloud.  Can you find a watery flower connection between the author and an Eye?

The connection was ‘Dove’.  Dove Cottage is where William Wordsworth who wrote ‘Daffodils’; first line is I wandered lonely as a cloud, lived. The Dove is also the name of the river at Eye in Suffolk.  Thank you to those that spotted, that despite my normal diabolical spelling and punctuation the capital E in Eye wan intentional.

Q3  As I walked out one evening, what were my first names?  Also when I got to the logical end of the road, how could I view the bridge strangely where Sarah Henley was saved by her skirt?

The first names of Auden, were Wystan Hugh.  In the poem as I walked out one evening , he goes down Bristol  Street. Famously the bridge in Bristol is the Clifton Suspension bridge. Sarah Henley attempted to kill herself there when she was 22 but lived, thanks to her voluminous skirts and carried on to reach the ripe old age of 85. The bridge is best viewed, in my opinion via the Camera Obscura .

Q4 So to speak; As I was going……In Roud 173 how should I apply cream to my scone and if so where, above or below?

The Roud system is a classification of folk songs.  Roud 173 is Strawberry Fair , assuming this is from Devon then it should be cream first.  I claim mixed genetics therfore insist on two scones and have one with cream and jam; one with jam and cream.

Q5 I met a man as I went walking; what were my first names, where did I end up and what did I do there?  Alan Alexander Milne wrote about meeting a man as he went walking – in the end of the poem we have:

I met a Puppy as I went walking;
We got talking,
Puppy and I.
“Where are you going this nice fine day?”
(I said to the Puppy as he went by).
“Up to the hills to roll and play.”
“I’ll come with you, Puppy,” said I.

Those that follow me on twitter no that every morning I walk with #OKdoggy


So just one final quest for you, another journey to ponder….

As I was going to St Ives
I met a man with seven wives
Each wife had seven sacks
Each sack had seven cats
Each cat had seven kits
Kits, cats, sacks, wives
How many were going to St Ives

In this case I want to know how many legs were going to St Ives and you will need to have followed the plot all week to crack my answer.

Oh I know, I drove you all mad with legs at Christmas; honestly this one was easy.  Assuming the ‘I’ was really the same I in different guises all week you only had to add the four legs of the puppy ie the answer was 6 legs.

I promise to leave it at least 6 months before I attempt another party.

The final Spotify playlist is HERE – quite good, I actually used it for our Elderflower fritter party this year.

In the meantime the winner is:

Which means that this person will receive a money can’t buy prize – as soon as they let me have a postal address

Drum roll and tadaah – Jaydubblah is the winner.


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  1. Well done Janet!!

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