Day 3 of Midsummer Maahes – fancy a stroll?

I hope you are all feeling supercharged. Now that we have played some games and are beginning to know one another better. I trust you’ve had a bit of a rest in your rooms. After all it is a gorgeous evening. I think we should go out for a stroll.

So just two simple questions for now.

1)  What song shall we sing as we walk.  I suggest I’m goin’ t’ be (500 miles) but do you have any other favourite yomping songs?

2) As I walked out one evening, what were my first names?  Also when I got to the logical end of the road, how could I view the bridge strangely where Sarah Henley was saved by her skirt?

There is still time to go back and post comments on the previous Maahes posts, all for that prize that money can’t buy. And to add to the Spotify playlist HERE


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  1. After my triumph (?) of yesterday I am completely floored and won’t be around tomorrow to pick up any clues.
    I know I am weird, but this is my yomping song (I sing the alto part but have the others in my head)

  2. I think we need ‘She’ll be coming round the mountain’ on the yomping list. And ‘I’ve got sixpence’.

    I have no idea what qu 2 is about but have realised I don’t have to get answers right to win I simply have to post something ta-da!

    PS the teepee is pretty good as was the bacon roll.

  3. Gingganggooly is always good for keeping a steady pace.

    q2 I don’t know about yet… I am still pained about yesterday’s debacle. Too many things that matched 😦

  4. I vote Oliver’s Army for yomping.

    And I can’t make head nor tail of Q2 – but I may not be at peak performance at this stage of the evening. Give me a day or two.. 🙂

  5. ah young Wystan Hugh, striding along. But apart from standing in the arches under Clifton Suspension Bridge, I am not at all sure about young Sarah..

  6. Ah, young Wystan Hugh, striding along.

    The only thing I can think of for the last part is that he is standing under the railway arches, looking over towards Clifton Suspension Bridge. If so, I am not at all sure what he will make of young Sarah’s bloomers staring him in the face.

  7. Sarah Henley jumped a spinster in 1885 but died a widow in 1948.

  8. You are all edging ever closer – but how would you view the bridge strangely? Perhaps you need to have actually done this act to understand its strange beauty…..

  9. well, the strangest way to view it is above your head as it recedes into the distance and then disappears as the waters of the Avon meet over your head.. the usual view of people jumping from the bridge.

    Sarah, of course, had plenty of time to look admiringly at the scenery as she parachuted down in a leisurely way to land on the muddy banks.

  10. ah… just been to Twitter. Could this have something to do with it?

    Clifton Down has an observatory with a view of the Bridge, could this be the odd view you mean? It is 337 feet (92 metres) above the gorge.. quite a bit further away than Sarah’s view of it.

  11. Forgot to say that the observatory view of the Bridge is via camera obscura, projected onto a table in the room below the lens.

    Yes, this would be odd..being backwards!

  12. If ever you get the chance do visit the Camera Obscura, one of those little oddities that ought to be seen once in a lifetime. Actually if you are in Bristol you should call it the Cameral Obscural

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