Midsummer Maahes – You are invited to a party

I am in party mood again.  Were you here for the last one, at Christmas, can it really have been six months ago?  It is all @SamirBharadwaj ‘s fault, he planted a little seed in my head.

This time I thought we could have a midsummer party.  A blog post a day, culminating in a ‘virtual’ party on Saturday. I will do the first proper post later today, but in the meantime… what food will you bring and what will you wear?

I thought I would make some macaroons and fill them with elderflower scented cream, I haven’t invented the recipe yet but @DrTimKinnaird thought it could work, so I’m just trying to work out how.  As it is midsummer I thought I would wear this dress…..

How about you.  If you have a blog, Posterous or other place to post things please do and add a link here. Or otherwise just describe your responses in the comments to the posts.  If you need the script for posting links you may find this helpful:  Just cut and paste and replace your blog address between the quotation marks

This is my link <a href=” https://grethic.wordpress.com/great-east-swim/”>here</a&gt;

There is a collaborative playlist for you to add to, if you have access to spotify here


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  1. Right, what did I do this time?

    I inspired a marathon party?! I just don’t know my own strength. But, ooh, “elderflower scented cream”; I have no idea what that would taste like, but I want to try it anyway.

    Also, after seeing that gorgeously sunny dress, I’m quite sure I have absolutely nothing to wear.

    I am obviously in need of a sartorial infusion.


  2. I will bring a cobweb pudding, provided I can find my Auntie Elsie’s recipe in time. Will post it up on my blog when I have and leave a comment to guide you there.
    I shall be wearing something floaty and chiffony and growing six inches for the evening so that I do not look like a little fat meringue. What fun we are going to have

  3. I will party with you but in absentia due to cat duties.

    I will wear my bright blue ghost dress (to be posterous-ed in due course).

    I will send cherry plum vodka for late night schnapps.

  4. oh I shall join your party, pretty please.. I enjoyed the last one ever so, and the prizes were unique and exciting 🙂

    what to eat? well, we MUST have Sarah’s pork pies mustn’t we. I shall make some of my plum chutney to go alongside.

    what to wear.. oh that is so hard. I have no nice summer things. I shall design something. You will have to wait a bit until I find the pencil sharpener…

  5. well I did sharpen my pencil, but nothing came to me.. my muse had gone away..

    and then I realised, I had the perfect wardrobe for this wonderful house party! Outfits for all occasions!

    Because I had forgotten that I was the winning bidder for the Audrey Hepburn collection..


  6. I posteroused my party dress here for you:


    Hope you think its suitable.

  7. You all look splendid – I’m still waiting for that cobweb pudding recipe though

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