Ripple – Illustration Friday – Our relationship with the planet and its inhabitants

Image of ripple effect of oil spill across the globe

The subject for Illustration Friday this week is ‘ripple’. I have gone against the brief somewhat as the introductory e-mail says “It’s not about the politics or the corporation. It’s about the animals. It’s about not feeling helpless in the face of an overwhelming disaster.”

I am not necessarily feeling helpless but certainly feeling reflective about our relationship with the planet and its inhabitants. Perhaps the only way to turn  my thought processes around is to think that perhaps we can create ripples for good as well as for ill. I also try to remember that as well as the ripples we create, our planet throws us some of its own too, like Eyjafjallajokull, the Icelandic volcano, throwing its ash into the sky as if to defy our attempts to act like Daedalus and Icarus and fly.

One of my earliest memories of taking an interest in environmental issues was learning the poem To See the Rabbit by Alan Brownjohn.  Goodness knows what the final impact on wildlife will be of the current oil spill, as a planet inhabitants we are still learning, years after the Torrey Canyon disaster, about how we handle oil and how our planet reacts, responds and heals (or not) as a result.

Can we create ripples for good?  If so – how?


I entered the picture above at the Ripple Sketches website.  The idea is that for each picture posted people can put in a request, if they can prove they have donated $10 to one of the selected charities.  Bless her cotton socks (for I now know who it was) someone put in an offer for my little picture and it is now flying its way to Arizona.  Follow the link to the Ripple Sketches website and see other people’s ideas based on the theme.


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  1. Well, my thought is this. You only need to drop a very tiny thing into the pond to create ripples which get bigger and bigger before they fade, so no effort is too small. Lots of people say things like “well me turning the TV off standby won’t make any difference”, but if we could all do the things that we think won’t make any difference then it would.

  2. Every tiny thing we do has ripples for good or ill. All we can do is take responsibility for our own actions, do what we think is right, and not fret too much about what others do.

    The energy we use up in fretting about whether other people are doing good or not, can be more profitably used in doing more good ourselves.

    It’s just living by the Golden Rule when you come down to it.

  3. I’m with you as you will see if you look at my IF entry. There are disasters we can focus on and do something direct.

    But there are other insidious events that we can only mitigate by trying to change our behaviour and yet see no immediate direct effect of our actions.

    We all need to try.

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