Black, Glossy and Less Portable than an iPhone – My Latest Love

OK, ok, it’s not an iPad but it is solar water heating and it works.  The Greener Fram group created a bulk purchase arrangement with East Green Energy, based in Kelsale.  Our house is reasonably well positioned to take advantage of the sun, but with a few niggles.  We have enormous oak trees which over shadow the house, cutting them down would not be an option but we will be doing some work to harvest a few branches for firewood and increase the light into the garden generally.  At least oak trees open later in the year than most.  We are not fully south-facing; however the early morning sun is able to hit the tubes over the top of next door’s roof, so actually this seems a slight advantage.  Even this damp, overcast early morning there is already 20 degrees being created within the collector.  My latest obsession is checking the monitoring panel where you can read the roof, top of tank and bottom of tank temperatures, we have hit over 50 degrees in strong sun. We did have a new hot water tank fitted, with three heat sources the solar, immersion and a feed from the back boiler in the winter months; putting the harvested branches to good use later.

East Green were a great company to work with, relaxed and a parting comment of  ‘any problems at all, or if there is anything you need to know or don’t understand just get in touch; any time’.  There’s not much more you could want really, is there.

East Green are at the Suffolk Show today and tomorrow –

Greenest County Stand number 682, on Flower Show Avenue,

Pop in and say hello to Robbie

And try this Spotify Playlist to create some sunshine in your life


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  1. The playlist in words
    Charades – Aguaceros
    Neurosonic – Are Solar
    Facto Delafe y las flores azules – Crema solar
    Charades – Revolución Solar
    Solarstone – Seven Cities – Solar Stone’s Atlantis Mix
    Solar Fields – Sol
    Thunderball – Solar
    Miles Davis – Solar
    Dorian – Solar – Solar 2009
    Judas Priest – Solar Angels
    Chateau Marmont – Solar Antapex
    Bruce Dickinson – Solar Confinement
    Pow Pow – Solar Eclipse
    The Classic Crime – Solar Powered Life
    Velcra – Solar Red
    Alcest – Solar Song
    Samael – Solar Soul
    Devin Townsend – Solar Winds
    Guru’s Jazzmatazz – State Of Clarity (Solar Remix)
    Apples In Stereo – Strange Solar System
    Solar Fields – Summer
    Mum – The Land Between Solar Systems

  2. It’s a great idea, we have a perfect roof for it but I don’t think I can persuade the OH 😦
    Have posted my pics of Suffolk Show

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