14 Go Mad in Devon – Fovant Badges and City Lodge, Salisbury

Last weekend a whole gang of 50+ year olds met up so that the ‘lads’ amongst the party could relive their misspent youth. The tour down to Devon was altered to go via Canterbury from Suffolk due to a student repatriation.  The problem was that when it came to booking into the Travelodge the plans were not altered to take the date change into account. After midnight discovering there was no room at the Inn (Travelodge) and that the staff there are unable to do any looking at other site’s availability; the iphone was brought into use trying to find an alternative.  Looking up numbers late at night it is impossible to tell if there are night staff on duty, or if some poor owner of a small hotel is being woken from their much needed sleep.  Eventually a hotel in Salisbury recommended that the City Lodge was investigated.    A helpful chap said there was space and at 1.30am we checked in.  This is a smart motel style set up, a good clean room, bathroom with a proper sized bath,  fresh coffee, croissants, cereal, yoghurt, toast and all the trimmings served on a tray in your room, for breakfast.  Full marks to the guy behind the desk on the night, he was excellent, helpful and welcoming; I’m only sorry I did not catch his name to say thanks properly.

The change in plans resulted in using a different route which took in the Fovant Badges, hence the picture at the top of the post.


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