Equipment – Darting Around in the Water with Tadpoles – No Jodie Kidd

Illustration Friday - equipment, swimmer in wetsuit, swimming ring and armbands

Last Friday’s Illustration Friday topic was equipment.  I have only just completed my little picture, because I was away at the weekend testing out my ability to swim in cold water on Dartmoor.  I have swum at Spitchwick before but never this early in the year.  It was a pleasure to have tadpoles nibbling at my toes, but I was very disappointed to discover that I could not breathe out in the water as the diving reflex was so strong.  It seems the only solution is to keep plugging away. So off to Fritton Lake this week for another bash.  Part of me felt totally over equipped in a wet suit, hat and goggles when swimming in a river pool; however, I left the arm bands and rubber ring behind.  I know though that I am no Jodie Kidd in a wet suit, she launched the swim this week and looked very becoming in hers.

For proof – here is a second or two of my swim.  The link to my fund-raising page is here.


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  1. Yes, diving with a tire would be difficult 🙂

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