Cocoon – Waiting to emerge from a duvet day? – Illustration Friday

Illustration Friday, Cocoon, grub waiting to pupate and emerge

The grub has gorged and stuffed herself; swaddled recumbent in her protective chair she dreams of  shedding her repulsive outer skin and emerging for one day of exquisite passion.

Spotify playlist to go with the post is here


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  1. The Playlist in words
    Solace – Chrysalis – Cocoon Mix 3:41
    Jack Johnson – Cocoon
    Dan Black – Cocoon
    Assemblage 23 – Cocoon
    Lisa Germano – Cocoon
    Hector Zazou – Cocoon
    Siouxsie And The Banshees – Cocoon
    Czech Symphony Orchestra – Cocoon – End Credits
    Björk – Cocoon – Live – Vespertine World Tour 2001
    James Horner – Cocoon – Rescue / The Ascension
    James Horner – Cocoon – Returning Home
    James Horner – Cocoon – Theme
    Solar Fields – Cocoon Moon – Glastonbury Rmx
    Genesis – Cuckoo Cocoon
    Rob Nunjes – Electronic Love – Cocoon Mix
    Pantaea – Fruit Of Cocoon – Chill Lounge Cut

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