Printing Money – The doodle thingy

Money created using Harmony by Mr Doob

I’ve always wanted a licence to print money.  Ever since @rubbishcorp introduced me to the doodle thingy people have asked me to send them the link.  So HERE it is and above is some money I have designed.  There are some much more creative doodlers than me out there.  So if you have created a picture using the doodle thingy, please add a link.  It’ll be like the vision on picture gallery all over again.  Oh and if you can think of genius ideas and draw them BBC Genius and @davegorman are after them HERE.


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  1. like your £10 note – not sure I’m a great doodler might go and play with it tho.

  2. here are mine. I really ought to blog these too..
    My favourite:

    My first one:

    I love your £10 note – & I think you are prettier than the Queen…though you look very bemused to be on the note. I think you just think £10 is a bit cheap, and you expected your head to be worth at least £50.

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