Choices – Tools of Youth – Spoilt for Choice?

There are holes in the sky

One of the big things in the last election was the ‘choice’ agenda.  I wonder is choice something that can only be afforded when things are going well in the economy?  I wonder how often we will hear choice being mentioned in this election campaign. On the domestic front I suspect that the less funds you have the more important but also the more limited choices.  One of the advantages of cutting things out eg when doing the detox diet is that everything is quicker, whole rows of supermarket shelves were out of the equation.  But while there is a choice there is always the question over the Road Not Taken.

The thing that started me on this theme of choices was a post by Whimsical Wife about the Tools of Youth.  When I looked at her list I thought golly gosh (or words to that effect) half those products didn’t exist when I was 18 and I’m sure a current, just about to vote’s list, would look very different.  So for the record here is my list:

  • Apparently this Spotify playlist were the top-selling tracks [list in 1st comment] – however I think I was very un-pop and much more likely to listen to Pink Floyd and Lynyrd Skynard
  • Moulton Mini bike and dad’s mini van
  • an instamatic camera – I tried finding photo’s of me from that era but I was always behind and not in front of a camera
  • Rucksack – Holidays were had in the Lakes and Wales in Youth Hostels
  • Batiste
  • Charlie [until introduced to Dior]
  • Wagon Wheels
  • Pomagne
  • Boots 17 or Miners (but not often)
  • Black Wellies
  • Manual typewriter
  • Reel-to-reel tape recorder
  • Spike Milligan

The more I started to think about this list, the more all I could think abut was this…..


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  1. Oh there’s so many I recognise from that list – must be ‘cos we’re so close in age! Just trying to think of the Woolworths own make-up brand – that was always a cheap option, think it might have been Evette but I might have just made that up!

  2. Heather, can you hear me from here? Yes, I remember Evette make up. But Grethic, what is Batiste

  3. Batiste was a shampoo and famously there was a dry shampoo version too. I used to look at the bottle of Boots family shampoo or the Vosene and think one day, when I’m older I will have Batiste shampoo, conditioner and dry shampoo.

  4. Ooops sorry forgot the playlist in words: Here it is…
    Kate Bush – Wuthering Heights
    Blondie – Heart Of Glass
    10cc – Dreadlock Holiday
    Various Artists – Grease
    Dire Straits – Sultans Of Swing
    Rose Royce – Love Don’t Live Here Anymore
    Blondie – Picture This
    A Taste Of Honey – Boogie Oogie Oogie (Single Version 1)
    Kraftwerk – The Model
    Chic – Le Freak

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