Choices – which colour shall I elect for?

The election has been called

The general election has been called, will we use or votes wisely I wonder?  [Spotify playlist here] When I started voting we ended up with our first female Prime Minister.  I remember thinking how good it would be to have a female in charge after many years of dispute with the Unions and Northern Ireland and race issues bubbling in Bristol and other UK towns.  Since then I have been involved in politics local or national, been in ‘purdah’ where expressing no political views are allowed as part of being a ‘public servant’, been less interested in the result because I was too busy raising children, working etc to take time to think, been distinctly tipsy on the election night of 1992, staying up late with friends whilst on holiday and not sure if the feeling the next day was a hangover or what.

I am older now, idealism and that sense of knowing what is right has changed somewhat by recognising how much grey there is in the world (I was warned this would happen).  However, two things I am sure of; there is no such thing as a wasted vote and where the cross ends up is between me and the ballot box.

In the meantime I have been thinking a lot about choices and will write more on the topic in the next few days.  But I leave this thought; in Tamil Christian areas it is not unusual for people to be named after famous historical characters hence this election result.  Many thanks to Thejaswi Udupa for the photo (click it to expand).


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  1. Playlist in words
    Election Love Theory – Beautiful Day
    Counting Crows – Big Yellow Taxi
    MIKA – Blue Eyes
    New Order – Blue Monday [88]
    The White Stripes – Blue Orchid
    Enya – Caribbean Blue
    Rick Wakeman – Election ’97 / Arthur
    Joshua Bell;Hans Zimmer – Election by Adoration
    Arcadia – Election Day
    Monty Python – Election Forum
    Bic Runga – Election Night
    Monty Python – Election Special (Medley) (Live)
    Leonard Cohen – Famous Blue Raincoat
    Elton John – Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
    Green Day – Green Day
    Coldplay – Green Eyes
    Elvis Presley – Green, Green Grass Of Home – Elvis Country version
    George Baker Selection – Little Green Bag
    Yeasayer – Madder Red
    Greg Giraldo – Old People / Race / Election
    Arctic Monkeys – Old Yellow Bricks
    Hiromi – Paradigm Shift (Election Day 2008)
    Korn – Politics (Gomi Remix Radio Edit)
    Daniel Merriweather – Red
    Billy Talent – Red Flag
    UB40 – Red Red Wine (Edit)
    Dropkick Murphys – The Green Fields Of France
    Chris De Burgh – The Lady In Red
    Deathspell Omega – The repellent scars of abandon and election
    Coldplay – Yellow
    Pearl Jam – Yellow Ledbetter

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