Dip – Stradbroke ~ Pop Pickers

Illustration Friday - Dip

Dippy Egg in an Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini

The topic for Illustration Friday this week is ‘Dip’ – the playlist is here.  I am spending many hours in the pool taking a dip, in preparation for the Great East Swim.  Today my treat on my return was ‘dippy’ egg with marmite and marmite XO soldiers; a sofa to hide behind and Dr Who.

Tomorrow Stradbroke pool shuts for Easter Sunday, but never mind; all is not lost.  The stars of Radio Stradbroke will be playing songs from 12.00 noon onwards.  This is the spot where the crackle of vinyl meets the digital age.  The team is raising money for the air ambulance and the local cricket club.  You can tweet them or enter a request on-line.  Requests cost £1.00 for two songs, they will even read out your dedication.  If you are very lucky you will hear the clunk of a pint glass being placed on the decks as the whole thing takes place in the local pub.  Catch it now; it will all be over by the end of Monday.


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  1. The Playlist in word
    Disney Characters – Best Easter Party Ever
    Right Said Fred – Deeply Dippy – Single Mix
    Elephant Man & Ding Dong – Dip Again
    Eek-A-Mouse – Dip Em
    Christina Milian – Dip It Low
    40 Cal – Dip-dip
    Aztec Camera – Down The Dip
    Simple Minds – East At Easter
    Marillion – Easter
    The Residents – Easter Women
    Donovan – Epistle To Dippy
    Parry Gripp – Hershel The Easter Worm
    Rocket From The Crypt – Hippy Dippy Do
    The Magic Time Travelers – Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini
    The Easter Tales – Oompa Loompa
    Tim DeLaughter – Skinny Dip
    Drowning Pool – Soldiers
    Emmy The Great – The Easter Parade
    Voicemail – Wacky Dip

  2. Ahaha love the polka dot bikini.

  3. very fun, whimsical style!

  4. Great eggcup! Looks like a Carlton Walking Ware one?

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