Rescue Me

Illustration Friday - Rescue

The topic for Illustration Friday this week is ‘Rescue’.  If you have Spotify this playlist goes with this post.

The first time I came across rescue remedy was in the recovery of a bird that had smashed itself into a window.  A friend, who is a vet and uses homeopathic remedies in his practice, was staying at the house.  He dropped some rescue remedy into the bird’s mouth and set it on its way again.  Now, I know birds do stun themselves and recover and this could never be described as a double-blind trial but it was suitably impressive.

In the world of Twitter, when there are ‘too many Tweets’ an image appears of a whale, fondly known as the #failwhale, being raised by little birds.  If Twitter is nearly dead there may be no image at all.  Perhaps there should be one to show that twitter is down, but being rescued.

There are reports that use of the internet, Twitter, et al are linked to depression; but is it cause or effect?  I wonder if anyone has studied the ‘group hug’ effect of media like Twitter, when you are having a bad day and someone sends you a picture, poem, music track, some wise or kick-up-the-pants words; do they help?  I hope they do, I like receiving them and am prone to offering them to other people.

In the meantime I hope the bird above makes a full recovery.

This poem may make you smile The Parrot:  A True Story.  I found it in my mother’s old school poetry book.  I wonder if it inspired the Monty Python team.


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  1. The Spotify tracks in words
    Hillsong – Came To My Rescue
    The Rolling Stones – Emotional Rescue – 2009 Re-Mastered Digital Version
    Queen – Flash To The Rescue
    This Providence – My Beautiful Rescue
    The Hellacopters – Rescue
    Ashanti – Rescue
    Buckcherry – Rescue Me
    Diana Ross – Rescue Me
    Bell Book & Candle – Rescue Me – Radio Edit
    Frank Klepacki – Rescue Ops
    Ryan Leslie – Rescue You
    James Horner – Ripley’s Rescue
    Ryan Adams – The Rescue Blues
    Datarock – To The Rescue
    Matt Redman – You Alone Can Rescue

  2. I am a great fan of rescue remedy. It will stop quite bad burns from blistering, you know, the sort of burn you get from the oven shelf or a hot pan. I have tried it to good effect on several occasions.
    I think the group hug does help a bit and too much criticism or disagreement can get you down as well.

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