Eggs Pyred –#f450 – The Great East Swim

Illustration Friday - theme expire

The theme this week on Illustration Friday is ‘expired’.  In my mind was the image of all the chocolate people have given up for Lent, being burned on a pyre.  Earlier this year when I started my #f450 campaign to be fit for fifty I gave up a variety of foods; I did feel better for it and now stay off meat during the week.  The rest of the foods have crept in and my weight has stabilised at the new level.  I might have another bash at losing some more.  For now, I am hoping that swimming longer distances the weight will come off without the need for more dieting.

Today I completed the next block in my swim training.  That was a 600m crawl, continuous without breaks.  When I started this I could not complete one length in crawl so I am quite pleased.  However, I did terrify myself by watching part of the great swim TV programme on Chanel 4 this morning perhaps that spurred me on…….  The YouTube below is from last year’s Great East Swim; just remember to substitute the rather fit young people in it for a middle-aged woman!


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  1. you keep training and you will be able to do that too. Eddie Izzard did 43 marathons in 51 days with little training and he is approaching 50. You just need the will to do it. I, personally, don’t possess that will, thank goodness. That vid was choppier than the water.

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