Reflecting on the power of small things

This is stacking up to be an ‘interesting’ week.  Monday was a gorgeous day after the heavy rains on Sunday, we had clear air; the Suffolk landscape and particularly the skyscape was revealed in all its glory.  I took dozens of photographs of the skies reflected in the huge puddles I cheerfully splashed through on my bike to and from work.

Full of gusto on Tuesday I decided to cycle into Framlingham after work to do a spot of shopping, this being the first of the lighter, drier, evenings and trying to up my daily mileage to build stamina ready for the Great East Swim.  Then nearly into town, a puncture; the tyre went down almost instantly.  As I pulled into a driveway I went over the handlebars and landed on my chin; which is now 330066.  Five-to-five, so I attempted to push the bike to the cycle shop; which was closed when I arrived.  Then to Solar where at least there would be light and I changed the inner tube.  The new tube went flat as fast as it was pumped up; I had failed to spot the little bit of flint that had caused the damage.  In the end I was rescued by car and the bike is still in bits as I haven’t had the time to mend the two punctures.  Another 21 miles not cycled.

However, I am now reflecting on the power of small things.  That little bit of flint brought me down and changed my plans for several days.  Small things can make big changes after all.


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