J2O Quiz the Tangled Threads – Film Quiz

This is the second post on the new style J2O pub quiz.  As well as the Mangled Mugs in the previous post they are doing something called Tangled Threads.  The plots and key players of three films mixed together; you just have to see if you can untangle them.

I have converted the clips into a single ‘video’ so just click below and pause as you get to the end of each section; to give yourself time to scratch your head or argue with yourself about the answers.


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  1. Well that strikes a chord! Especially the throwing of rubbish from cars, we see that a lot here in Puglia. And no one picks it up.

    We clean our stretch of beach at the beginning of season, usually early in April .. and try to keep it clean despite the best efforts of visiting Italians to contribute more rubbish.

    The council clean the beach in July and August but ignore it the rest of the year.

    • Yes, I think the Italians have a lot to think about on the rubbish front. It seems mostly to be discarded water bottles and of course the spillage around the bidone; I guess without some of that the feral cats would starve.

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