Marmite XO will be released into the wild on Monday

Sadly, due to the computer failure here we never did have a Marmite picnic at Framlingham Castle, which was the original plan.  However, in the spirit of the thing, here is my Marmite XO video.  Of course if you would still like to join me drop me an e-mail and one sunny spring weekend we will picnic.  In the meantime which of the soft toys would you have been?

Marmite XO goes on sale on Monday.  I am pleased to be one of the Marmarati, many thanks to all those who voted for me.


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  1. I stilll haven’t opened mine yet… I am determined to keep the sound of music moment of the brown paper package tied up with string for as long as I can 🙂

    (and I still have a V Large Pot of ordinary marmite to nestle into…)

  2. Have you seen all the Marmarati videos on youtube? quite entertaining….

  3. Oh V – how hilarious! I’m sitting here with tears in my eyes trying not to laugh out loud – we really ought to try for that Twitnic though when the weather’s better!

  4. Very cute video, well done 🙂

    Is this really a new product? If so how does it differ from regular Marmite?

  5. It is extra matured, special new recipe.

  6. Could you let me know where it can be bought? There doesn’t seem to be an answer anywhere! On the discussion boards people seem to think that it will be Selfridges or Waitrose!!

    I know that you can buy it from the Official site but someone said that it worked out at over seven pounds with post and packing!

    I have also seen it advertised that it is being released on 8th March!

    Thanks, hope that you can help.


    • I have learned the following …..It’s in Selfridges in London so far, and was released to the public in Waitrose today [Mon]. Next week (the 8th of March) it is being released in Tesco and Morrison’s.

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