Shell V – Bzz and Potholes

A heart shaped pothole

Not the pothole that caused the problem

It is unfortunate that during the whole of the Shell V Bzz campaign I have only had my PC for a few days.  However, I am not sure that this can be the only reason I haven’t talked about it much.  The thing is; yes I like my car and yes I drive, indeed in the recent bad weather I have driven more often than normal.  However, I don’t really talk ‘car’.  To me it is a box of tricks on wheels; I take seats out, put things in and go places. I even drive long distances, but rarely on motorways and most of my day to day driving is in potholed lanes.

The potholes have caused problems in the last week.  I drove into one and the tyre just burst, you could hear the air rush out. I reported it to Suffolk County Council.  Then O/H had exactly the same thing happen, so I phoned back with a grid reference.  Guess what – – – – They’ve repaired it.

Back to the Shell V fuel, did it make a difference?  The £20.00 for vouchers, certainly did.  To be fair I would say the ride was smoother, the car was bowling along quite nicely, especially on longer, smoother journeys.  There were no starting problems, even in the coldest of weathers.  On balance I will continue to use the ‘V’ fuel, when I am near enough to a Shell station to fill up.

For those with Spotify – here is some music to go with the post.


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