Focus on being fit for fifty – #f450

Illustration Friday - topic focused

Three weeks ago, when I still had a functioning computer, I was posting about my aim to be fit for fifty; which in twitter land I had given the hashtag #f450.  The focus was a 28 day detox with the rules no wheat, meat, fish, dairy, coffee, tea or alcohol.  This is my post to let you know how things went.

Good news, although the aim was not all about weight loss, I lost 12 lbs.  In the four weeks I also did 93 miles under my own steam either swimming, cycling or walking.  If we hadn’t had so much snow I would have cycled further.  I probably lost something in the order of 60 miles due to driving to work when I would normally cycle.

The headaches subsided quite early on so they weren’t too intolerable and I did allow myself to lapse for my sister’s 40th, so the cider and some wild meats did feature for two days.

The swimming is coming along, I try to swim three times a week and am still struggling with crawl but it is certainly better than at the beginning.

Best find on the food front was gourmet puy lentils in a sachet, no soaking and for a minute in a chilli non carne you can trick yourself into believing meat is involved.

My fiftieth birthday came and went and catching up with friends who haven’t seen me for a while they all commented on how well I am looking (well they are very nice friends!).

The subject for Illustration Friday during on 29th January was ‘focused’, so near to Valentine’s day my thoughts were on cupid, focused on someone’s heart with his unpredictable bow and arrow.


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  1. Happy 50th….gave up so much and did so much; it seems u should have lost at least 25 lbs. Good for u. I was fit @ 50 but it’s been downhill ever since. Am now 66, out of shape, quit smoking almost 3 yrs. ago, no drinking, no sex but quite happy none-the-less.
    You’re quite a gal.

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