Honest, I haven’t fallen down the plughole

The downside of my new found enthusiasm for getting fit is that I have been around less to blog/tweet and leaving the best camera on the other side of the country means only iphone photos.  However, I have taken out the old Sony Cyber shot and dusted it off.  I was certainly glad to have it with me yesterday for the sunset; which was blood red, filling the landscape.

I won’t do a list of the detox food each day as I did in the first week as people will have got the basic idea by now.  However, I will try and photograph the odd dish or put the recipe down in a bit more detail occasionally.

The bike is now back in regular use which means at least 3 days of about 7.5 miles; as the evenings become lighter I hope to come home on longer routes to maximise the exercise.  The swimming remains ‘interesting’.  I am still using the take to the streets training room schedules; but floundering badly when it comes to breathing in the crawl.  I am pleased tonight’s schedule is about arms and keeping the face up so I can see what I am doing.

After my blog on Saturday ‘Guilty not Innocent’ I couldn’t resist this competition on Innocent’s web site and entered with “If I’m lying in a ditch and you’re reading this – Take me home”.


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  1. I was driving back from Southend yesterday evening and saw that blood red sky, it was beautiful!

    I thought “Red sky at night, shepherds delight…” and so expected a nice day today instead of grey dark dampness…

    I guess I didn’t realise shepherds were photophobic.

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