Detox Day 6 and 7 – Second Coached Swim – Questions for Quiz

#f450 swift update……

Good news; the session on the Wii fit proved to me that the back pain was a strain from badminton.  I admit resorting to the brufen but even better news the pain has now gone, so the yoga session probably helped pull things back into their rightful place. Yesterday was a lazy day exercise wise, just dog walking and housework.  Food yesterday; breakfast the usual porridge and honey, lunch was home made leek and potato soup and for supper I actually used a recipe book.  I concoted a ‘bake’ with veggies in the base and a topping which is basically a hummus of chick peas, tahini, garlic, herbs and lemon.  The end result looks suspiciously like a pie when cooked but actually I didn’t find the combination of textures that pleasing.  I think I would rather have kept everything raw and just dipped the veg in the hummus; saved on the electricity and the wait.  Today I made watercress soup, which I love.  I haven’t worked out what to do for supper; some kind of chilli I reckon.

Today I went back to Stradbroke for my second swim as part of a group with a coach.  I am still very much the newbie amongst a group of experienced swimmers.  If I can just master swimming and breathing in crawl this could all come together yet – otherwise I will be a drowned thing in June.

Now back to the question setting for the next quiz at Saxtead, 29th, 7.30pm – book in advance on 01728 685 064


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