Detox Day 5 – Tossers – Guilty not Innocent

Day 5 of detox has passed and I am beginning to feel like I am in the groove.  It was a home day for me, which would normally mean fridge raiding for cheese and as many cups of tea as I care to make.  Instead I had the usual porridge breakfast, left over Thai soup for lunch and made a curry of sag aloo, bombay aloo and a mushroom dahl; all served with rice.  I also managed the dog walking and an hour of yoga/aerobics and fun on the wii.

Whilst on the subject of dog walking; my pet peave is rubbish slung from cars.  Every few weeks I pick the darn stuff up; but seriously if people can drive a car surely they can drive their bloomin rubbish home or to the nearest bin and not sling it out of the window of the car.


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