Detox Day 4 – Third Training Swim

Framlingham College has a large pool which allows public access via Framlingham Swimming Club. Their website explains that the college is taking over the standing orders side of things; I hope the basic times and other arrangements will not change too much as this all fits well with the training plan I have set through take to the streets.  Yesterday the plan required me to do a total of 400m as a warm up, then a focus on technique and then a cool down.  The advantage of the college pool over Stradbroke is it is closer to home and longer.  The disadvantage is no coach there to tell you if you are doing things right.  I am sure the others must wonder what I’m doing as I keep stopping to rest per the plan and don’t swim neatly as each length you focus on some skill.  This time it was trying to do crawl not letting the stretched hand drop until the swimming hand has touched it. – Remember I had not attempted crawl until last week so I must look like one of those wind up bath toys.

Food – Porridge and honey as normal; Lunch: salad, oat cakes with pesto, fresh pineapple, almonds.  Supper: Thai style noodle soup; mushrooms, sweet potato, bean sprouts, carrots, lemon grass, kaffir lime leaves, coconut milk, rice noodles.


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  1. you are so impressive!

  2. What can I say but Congratulations your doing Great.

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