Detox Day 1 – #f450

I had planned to do a detox from mid January to mid February long before the swim idea came up.  I have done this before and was really pleased with the results.  However, I know I have to be feeling strong and happy before I start and preferably not have anything on the social calendar for at least the first week.  So Day 1 was yesterday 18th January.  The rules are simple no meat, fish, dairy, wheat, tea, coffee or alcohol and avoid processed foods especially sugars as much as possible.

Day 1

Breakfast – Porridge made with water and manuka honey

Lunch – Salad, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, green pepper, carrot sticks.  Almonds and dried berries and satsuma to follow.

Snack – Oat cakes, with green pesto

Supper – Enormous veg curry, sweet potatoes, swede, carrots, broccoli, mushrooms, butter beans, tomatoes with rice.

Feeling physically good; but as expected, a gnawing headache which cleared after my foggy morning walk with the dog.


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  1. This is interesting and sounds really yummy. It’s the sort of food I would eat as a normal diet except now I have IBS I can’t take that much fibre in one day!

  2. You go! I wish OH would consider something like that – dinner’s not dinner without meat in his world 😦

    Good luck!

  3. Good luck to you xx Sounds difficult but worthwhile!

  4. Wish you luck with this one I cant go with out my Tea!

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