Dipping a toe in the water – The Great East Swim

In a moment of madness I have entered the Great East Swim; training starts 8.30 Sunday morning at the local pool.  The event itself takes place at Alton Water a cold lake on the outskirts of Ipswich in June.  Think of me while you are tucked up in bed.


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  1. You. Are. Mad.

    End of.


  2. Oh my, that does look cold! Brrr…. TIme to make some hot chocolate, I’m feeling cold just THINKING about it!!

    PS The Hamster sends his love 😉

  3. We need an update!!

  4. Here you go its long so just posting the link here. [not sure if this works the same in wordpress as it does in blogger…. and no preview…

  5. Just to let those of you know who are following my progress I have added a new page to the blog for swim updates and useful links – here

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