Rapunzel’s New Year – See The Trods?

Over at Something Completely Different this week they have set the theme of Gothic Arches and the topic of New Year.

In the past I have been tried to use ‘found’ objects in some of these challenges but at the moment everything is covered in snow and this is not possible.

I have worked with the illustration I used for Illustration Friday, yesterday and added to it with some of the essentials that Rapunzel might need in the New Year.  The two graphs relate to temperature and snow depth on New Years Day.  She will need her wellies and Cheryl Cole Bobble hat to make her way through the snow with her Prince.  The astrological clock may or may not help her with the timing  of her getaway. She will of course have to French braid her hair for the Prince to climb in to rescue her.  As he is tall he might be able to reach the escape ladder.  The picture of Rapunzel is apparently one of the early sketches for the Disney cartoon.

As long as the elephants are confined to bed, with their contagious trods all should be OK.


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  1. love your take on the challenge this week! so uniques done! and love the added story..awesome chickie! thankx for joining in the challenge this week!


  2. I *love* it 🙂 This is fab! x

  3. Wow what a great story behind your arch, love the scene, so beautiful

    Thanks for joining us on SCD


  4. Happy new Year!

    Great arch and what a fab take on the theme…gorgeous scene!

    Thanks for joining us at SCD this week.

  5. lovely story to go with it. beautiful arch

  6. Great way to present an arch and lovely idea with all the things she will need to make her escape.

  7. Very unique. Looks great.
    Thanks for playing at SCD.

  8. Love the scene in the arch lovely sunset….and all the essentials!

  9. Oooh lovely arch. Very inspirational. Thanks for joining us this week. Best wishes for 2010. Gez.xx

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