Snow News Is Good News

With a doff of the hat to Samir

It may be snowing outside but I've moved house anyway

After much discussion and thought I have decided to move my blog to WordPress.  The snow coming down and the work I thought I was going to do as a contingency not materialising, I decided to experiment.  After all; did you see the state of the old place?  The mess all those animals, leaping lords, dancers, drummers and the rest deposited.

The picture above is a doff of the cap to Samir, whose blog you can find here , or who you can find on twitter here.  This morning he suggested I should use a dog sled when walking the dog and he wanted a picture to prove it.

So how’s it gone so far?  All the old posts and comments are imported; I haven’t checked yet to see if everything has made it across the divide.  I’ve chosen a theme and uploaded my header picture.  My little green blob doesn’t look so good at the scale.  I will have to experiment and see if it will work with word, or if I will have the same problems as before.  I also want to see if I can go a bit more ‘wide screen’, but it is difficult if you don’t really know what screen width viewers are using.

Oh well be please be patient with me whilst I experiment.


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  1. Is there a short cut for those of us who might wish to comment regularly?
    I did my avatar as a line drawing on a piece of paper and then scanned it and opened it in Paint and fiddled about with the colours, changes to hat earrings etc there
    I see I can ask for notification to follow up comments, that would have been handy for the party

  2. Short cut? is that because it asks you for your details when you log a comment? I’ll investigate if I can change the settings so once you are ‘known’ the process is quicker.

  3. Thanks for the picture! Always glad to act as inspiration for anything, even random pictures on a blog.

    The new place is looking nice already. There are bound to be some teething troubles after the import, but you should be able to figure them out.

    I run my own install of WordPress, and not the, but I do know a bit about the general system. So, if you need help with anything, feel free to drop me a line.

    Best of luck with the house warming,


    • Thanks for the offer of help. Surprise of the day so far is the ‘possibly related links’ bit that takes people off to other sites – not sure what I think of that idea.

      • That’s probably’s idea of cross-pollinating the various blogs on the site and keeping visitors on their own network with interesting related information.

        I’m not sure it’s a mandatory feature, though. Could just be default with the particular theme you used. If it is possible to switch this off, it will be by changing the settings for the “Related Posts” plugin or something similar. Maybe you can get it to show related posts from only your blog, or just remove it (by deactivating the plugin) if it bothers you.

  4. Seem to have solved the related posts thing – Thanks Samir, knew it had to be in the settings somewhere. It was in ‘Extras’. I think I might try for a while ‘without’ and then ‘with’ ie see if I like my posts full fat or semi skimmed.

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