The Eighth Day of Christmas – There’s more to this than meets the eye…..

Happy New Year!

On the Eighth day of Christmas my true love gave to me eight maids a milking. It is also New Years Day, traditionally, represented by the head of Janus a time for reflection, making changes and resolutions. This year I certainly made some changes, after a long career in the NHS I decided to get on my bike and work more locally; all in all I’ve been pleased with the change. The unexpected benefit has been the chance to take things up that I had given up long ago, like trying to draw, sing, write, and do craftwork. I know I’m still at the stick man phase with my drawing, just be grateful the singing hasn’t made it here yet. I’ve decided that my resolutions this year should not be about giving things up but taking things up again. Whatever happened to my canoeing attempts, using the sewing machine, rock climbing, always writing thank you letters, a picture a day? I might not yet be able to land like a pigeon on the deck of a ship on the Wii, but give me a chance and I’ll manage it.

My Challenge today – rather than giving things up for New Year what will you try again?

As for the legs quest, the eighth day is crucial, there is more to the puzzle than meets the eye. Not only do we have the eight maids, but they each have a cow and crucially they each sit on a three legged milking stool. Today another 118 legs arrived, making a running total of 256; should be a breeze for you to get to the final solution from here. I am currently holding three correct solutions for later publication.

The Spotify playlist for toady is here


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  1. The playlist for those without SpotifyThe Dubliners – Maids When You're Young Never Wed An Old Man (Live At The Albert Hall)Miles Davis – The Maids Of CadizThe Barron Knights – Three Little MaidsMy My My – Animal MaidsHong Ting – Milking SongIdlewild – The Milking SongMartin Simpson – Pretty Girl Milking A CowDakar – Milking The Cash CowMary O'Hara – A Hebridean Milking SongFlanagan & Allen – Milking Time In SwitzerlandCanny, Hayes, O'Loughlin and Lafferty – Kitty Gone A-Milking / Music In The GlenCraig Armstrong – ResolutionsJack's Mannequin – The ResolutionAaliyah – We Need a ResolutionAzure Ray – The Drinks We Drank Last Night – Single VersionU2 – New Year's DayDeacon Blue – Queen Of The New YearAbba – Happy New Year

  2. I am a bit confused, because I think it is 930 but I said that on Boxing Day, but then I said 928 or 930 on Boxing day and I can't remember what I said yesterday. But as you didn't block my comment about the cows and stools I think I am still going for 930.I now have brain ache 🙂

  3. My latest blog post says it all. I have to stop looking back and start looking forward. Not sure that trying again is going to be a good idea, circumstances make it difficult. Have to re-invent myself, suggestions on a post card please…..

  4. Oooh, just thought of something. Now I have a half decent cooker and will be at home more I shall have time to start baking again. Happy New Year!

  5. easternsparkle

    Sorry I'm late on this one – entertaining yesterday! I'm going to go for two attempts at regaining something from the past. First one will be a bit of a cheat because I've already started but I'm going to continue to rekindle my interest in crochet – already have plans for next project which may be fatal to the current one but hopefully not. I am also going to read more often and not just on holiday. I have a pile of books sitting here unread – just need to make the effort to stop page surfing and start page turning! Happy New Year!

  6. grrr bloody tables and chairs is it…

  7. I have decided no negatives in my life this year. So no giving up anything.I want to write more this year. I have taken part in NaNoWriMo for two years, but November is a horrendously busy time for me, and half way through the month I just have no time at all for writing I have two started but no more novels, and I want to add to these this year, and also keep my blogs up to date. Over a year since I have blogged anything.that and starting dancing again, will wear me out I think.

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